Show me who you truly are tease me, teach me ,control me ,seduce me

Are You Ready?


Hello Gentlemen my name is  Winter, I am Highly sensual and affectionate, I love to touch and kiss. I am a devotee of the sensual arts, and my favorite thing is to explore the depth and breadth of your pleasure! Lets make a genuine connection and become vulnerable spend your time with a woman who will listen to you without any judgements and appreciate you for who you are inside and out.  I will make you feel like you're a king. What will capture you more ? – my warm dazzling smile, dark bedroom eyes or smooth supple skin or my soft sultry lips?


You will soon recognize my charming  personality and love for laughter that will replace any anxiety leaving with high spirits. A charming personality will only draw you closer to me. We will not be able to get enough of each other! Who am I ? I am half Haitian and half Bajan (Barbados) background I was raised in the U.S. with an all American girl upbringing  I would describe myself as a girl next door with sophistication and elegant charm.

I Enjoy the company of a man whom is intelligent ,mature, yet sweet

As a lady who cares about character, I prefer to spend more time with a few rather than a little time with many.

I am an epicurean but I absolutely love to dine. During my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking and photography, watching football, traveling, and golf. As a cultured and well-traveled young lady, wisdom and knowledge are my aspirations. 

I enjoy meeting distinguished, cultured gentlemen. I am as comfortable going out to an elegant dinner or hitting the town at your favorite hot spots as I am staying in all night long. My style is sophisticated and sexy ; I love to dress for you and have outfits for every occasion. I love my lingerie, and you can be sure that there will always be layers to unwrap.

You can be assured that discretion is of utmost importance to both of us! I value your privacy as much as I do my own. We both have lives outside of these perfect encounters we create between us, and though we can escape them together, we will respect them completely.

Getting down to the basics, thorough verification is essential to ensure a relaxed encounter. As you get to know me through the pages of my website, remember that a passionate woman lives to please her lover I look forward to meeting you and helping you make some fond memories





Height: 5'2



Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Haitian/Bajan

Languages: English,Haitian Creole

Education: University Graduate