Rates our time together is sacred and valuable services are non-negotiable. talking about rates are strictly prohibited talk of donation shall never be mentioned during our time together donation should not be given to me until our time together has ended in a unsealed envelope

Hygiene excellent personal hygiene is a must there is always a shower available for you to use at the beginning and end of our session. hmmm... could be a good way to get to know each other too!

Safety protecting my safety is critical  in a event that I feel pressured to be involved in unsafe practices or if I am pushed out side of my comfort zone I will unfortunately have to terminate our date and communication permanently but I'm sure a man of your stature and class will never let that happen


Time  Please try your best to be on time for your appointment. I know things can happen so if you are running late please text if you need to cancel please do so as early as you can because last minute cancelations are bad for me

Discretion for your discretion I will never call you without your permission, or you calling first I, will never share your private information with anyone else